• Conventional Gear Hopping CNC machine has Retrofitted & Reconditioned with Recent CNC Control & Electrical System -(SIEMENS - CNC Control System)
  • Motor’s Rotor Part Welding system has provided with Robotic Arm(Custom-Design) & Automation control System -(SCHNEIDER ELECTRIC Control System)
  • Heat Treatment process- Hardening, Quenching & Tempering Control System by PLC/ SCADA in Power Engine Piston & Bearing manufacturing plant- (SIEMENS - Control System)
  • Copper Wire Tension maintaining with PID Control System for Wire Drawing machine(Pay Off Machine) in Cable manufacturing plant- (SIEMENS Control System)
  • Bunching machines Synchronization & Reprogrammed has done for Copper wire manufacturing company- (SIEMENS - Control System)
  • Oven Control System & Heat Treatment Process- Hardening, Quenching & Tempering of wire rods in Cable manufacturing plant - (SIEMENS - Control System)
  • Forging Machine(10nos) synchronized with PLC, HMI system to Control, Count Number of Production & Data Logging- (SIEMENS - Control System)
  • Vision Sensing system & Sorting Automation has provided for Quality purpose in Auto Components making Forging Plant - (SIEMENS Control System)
  • Multiple Ovens (10Nos) Monitoring & Controlling System has provided with PLC/SCADA System in Abrasive manufacturing Plant -(SIEMENS - Control System)
  • Conventional model Abrasive Sheet Cutting, Packing & Wrapping machine has Retrofitted & Reconditioned with Recent Control System- (SIEMENS - Control System)
  • Weighing & Mixing Automation of Raw materials in Refractories manufacturing plant for accurate compound- (SCHNEIDER ELECTRIC - Control System)

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